Sober Exposure

Ep.22 - Unconventional Recovery Methods: Medicinal Magic Mushrooms with Ali May Ward

September 17, 2021

I sit down this week to talk about a taboo subject in recovery, unconventional methods of treatment. My guest is Ali May Ward, an advocate for the use of micro-dosing to treat anxiety, depression and maybe help some in recovery.


Disclaimer: I am not advocating for or against this. I am simply bringing the not so normal treatment methods.


Ali May Ward's Info

Instagram: @alimayward
For anyone looking for help with Social Media:
Mindful Meds Instagram: @mindfulmeds_ca
10% off: MICRO10
Do your research:
John Hopkins Study - Mental health and addiction before the war on drugs happened in the 1970's/1980's
Robin Carhart Haris - Default Mode Network
"Drip Mice Study" - study showing psilocybin (shrooms) aren't addictive.
Bill Wilson - Book Distilled Spirits

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